Blood donation

Comprehensive solutions
for blood donation sector

We deliver innovative solutions for Blood Donation Centres. We implement comprehensive Automated Plasma Storage System projects , RBC tube sealing amd labeling robots, temperature monitoring systems, blood and blood components transport solutions.

Automated storage systems

Automatic Plasma Storage System is a globally unique solution. When implemented, they offer space efficiency and storage operations with limited or no human participation, which is particularly desirable at blood donation and hemotherapy facilities.

Automatyzacja magazynowa

TER 2.0 red blood cells tube sealing and labeling robot

The TER 2.5 robot is an advanced device engineered especially with blood donation and hemotherapy centers in mind, supporting automated tube sealing and labeling. The process takes up to 30 seconds, thus offering even a 6-fold increase in work efficiency. The LCD touchscreen supports easy and intuitive navigation.

Transport systems

The M2Mbox basic and M2Mbox smart containers for transport, with cooling and heating functions, are dedicated to full blood, plasma and other blood products transport.

ratownik medyczny
Monitoring Temperatur

Temperature monitoring

We offer access to our MonitorM2M online platform, designed for daily temperature control at refrigeration units, on sites/premises and in vehicles. By using the offered application, customers can record the accuracy of blood and blood product storage process.

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